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In so many wrongful death cases, a significant emotional sacrifice is enough for any person close to the one who’s been lost. To make the decision that the guilty person should be held accountable can be quite difficult. At Steel & Eisner, LLP, we fully understand the terrible losses of a loved one being fatally injured in an accident due to the negligent behavior of another person.

We actively pursue a fair resolution and are committed to serve as an advocate for all individuals’ rights when it comes to a wrongful death and/or any personal injuries. Our services are cost-effective and individualized to meet the needs of all victims and their families. We have a great understanding of all the devastating consequences inflicted on personal injury victims and their families.

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What is a Wrongful Death?

Wrongful death occurs when another person lost their life due to the actions of someone else whether they were accidental or premeditated. There are many examples that could take place including:highway fatality from a car collision with another vehicle or a solid object, untimely deathin a hospital through negligence, through medical diagnosis, through prescription errors or a defect in a purchased product. More causes include electrocution from a faulty electrical appliance or defective brakes and tires on a vehicle.

Successful Wrongful Death Claims Deter Others

We firmly take the stand that while following up a case to the final stages of recovery does not bring that person back but makes the close family at least feel that the recognition of their family member has been realized and the person at fault has been identified as causing extreme emotional turmoil. Not only this but the trauma of reliving the events up to the wrongful death gives a chance for the family to finally close the case and return to resuming normal life. It is also a reminder that justice can be done through the use of our legal system and that any form of negligent action has its consequences.

Here at Steel & Eisner, LLP, we are firm believers that those who behaved recklessly or negligently must confront the cost of their own conduct.

Pursuing a claim for wrongful death can assist to relieve the financial burden of any family member who was dependent on that person, for example, a spouse and children who were dependent on the victim of a wrongful death financially. A successful claim for compensation means that the family will be able to resume a normal life financially without having to relocate or change the children’s schools.

Don’t hesitate to call our team of professional attorneys to help you.

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Wrongful Death Claims Require Thought

The situation regarding wrongful death law is not totally clear,and gathering evidence and compiling documents for wrongful death cases can get complex. At Steel & Eisner, LLP, we do all the groundwork thoroughly so the insurer forperson at fault is unable to dispute your case. It is vital that you contact one of our experienced wrongful death attorneys. We’ll evaluate your case speedily and efficiently, and the service we offer includes making independent professional judgements on your behalf.


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