Slip/Trip and Fall

The National Center for Injury Prevention and Control has recently stated that more than 8.5 million Americans are injured every year due to unintentional falls. Since 1978, Steel & Eisner, LLP has been helping those individuals who have slipped or tripped and fallen due to someone else’s negligence get the recovery they deserve. The best way to secure a just recovery is to retain zealous representation from Steel & Eisner, LLP who will start by collecting all of the information necessary to prove your fall wasn’t your fault.

If you’ve had the misfortune of being part of an accident that was not due to your own carelessness, then by law you have the right to pursue damages claim from the individual or individuals who were found to be the cause of your injuries. At Steel & Eisner, LLP, we have firmly established an enviable reputation for our capabilities and thoroughness in engaging in personal injury situations on behalf of our large number of clients.

What is a Slip/Trip and Fall?

Property owners have a duty to maintain their properties. Problems such as broken stairs, poor lighting, puddles of standing water, or faulty window screens, especially when a property owner knew or should have known about them, are all common examples of premises liability cases leading to the injury of our clients. Properties can also be defective in their design—misaligned wheel stops in parking lots, ramps and stairs not to code—leading to compensable injury

Personal Injury

More serious injuries could include:

  •  Broken and fractured bones
  •  Other neck injuries
  •  Brain injuries which could be traumatic
  •  Spinal injuries
  •  Damage to internal organs

Time Is Of The Essence

It is important to report your fall as soon as possible to protect your rights. Your attorney at Steel & Eisner, LLP
will then work quickly to gather as much informationas possible before the condition changes,
the records are destroyed, the employees leave, witnesses disappear, the video is recorded over, or the statute of limitations is missed.

If you or a loved one is in need of a skilled and experienced
personal injury attorney, then call us.

Free Case Evaluvation

You Need Compensation for Your Injuries

Once you’ve been treated for your injury you should ask your physician for copies of any medical diagnoses and treatment that you received, any prognosis for the time it will take to fully recover and if the injuries are likely to be life changing. Then start gathering thepieces of the circumstances that brought the accident about. Do you have any reliable witnesses? Have you been given the police report of the accident?

All this information is useful when you contact us so that we have a clear picture of your situation. If your injuries don’t permit this then we can do the groundwork for you. The more facts we can find in your favor, the better the outcome.

Ensuring a personal injury legal action leads to a successful outcome depends entirely on the ability to provide proof that the person at fault, beyond doubt, was negligent when causing the accident. Our indisputable reputation is a result of our assertive and skillful quest for justice. We succeeded in gaining large damages claims for victims and have no hesitation in taking a case to trial so that the victim’s rights are upheld.


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