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Product liability is something that any company that makes, distributes or sells potentially dangerous goods are aware of. In an ideal situation no products would ever leave the factory without being adequately tested and any product with some inherent safety concern would be adequately accompanied by clear and concise instructions and appropriate warnings. The reality is that defective products are constantly appearing in the market place and part of the problem is that many products are now being produced outside of the United States;and in a globalized economy, not all ofthe imported products undergo the same degree of quality control and testing that similar manufacturers might have here. Cheap products are not always safe products.

This doesn’t mean that all American made products are safe and never exhibit defects.This is not the case. A worrying stream of modern devices, automobiles, machines, clothing and furniture have been found to be defective in one way or another and some have caused significant injuries to the unfortunate users.

There is absolutely no excuse for defective products especially ones that can cause injuries to the consumer. No onecan expect products to be made 100% safely since there is always safety issues around the use of some consumer goods. The point is that a person who purchases a product should be able to use it safely as long as the instructions for safe use are followed.

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Millions of people injured by defective products every year

The number of people injured annually by some sort of defective product is truly staggering. The statistics indicate a number that exceeds over 20 million who are injured, however trivially, by a defective product with many thousands dying through their injuries. Unfortunately, not everyone who is injured goes on to make a product liability claim.

Every year there are several incidents where there is a product recall by a manufacturer when they’ve discovered a potentially dangerous safety issue. These products range from ATVs and ordinary passenger cars to children’s toys and furniture. Many of these manufacturers and their insurance companies will do their best to minimize anypotential product liability claims.

The problem of injuries and potential fatalities from defective products is certainly not limited to unknown and obscure companies from far away countries. It is also evident in well-known household brandsright here in the U.S.A. who continually try to cut corners in the costs of manufacturing their products or employing people to thoroughly test every aspect before release.

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Product Liablity

The release of defective products on to the market place
is a form of negligence

If you are one of the millions of people who’s been injured by a defective product, do not let these companies get away with evading responsibility. The release of defective products is a form of negligence and the distribution and sale of products thathaven’t been tested properly or are known to have defects is also negligence.If you were injured in any way by a product that you bought or used and think that the product was defective or that there was no adequate warning for the use of the product or instructions, then we are here to help.

You are legally entitled to make a claim for damages against any manufacturer or supplier of a defective product that caused you harm as part of product liability legislation. Steel & Eisner, LLP provides personalized and dedicated personal injury service when pursuing product liability claims. We provide free consultation where you can meet one of our product liability attorneys and review the details of your accident and the circumstances surrounding the purchase and use of the product which caused you injury.

We’ve dealt with many types of defective products and will be able to give you an honest and impartial opinion of your chances of winning a claim against the company that manufactured or supplied the defective product.In the event that we take your case up, we will fight for the maximum amount of damages based on the full extent of the effects that the product had on your present and future state of health.


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