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At Steel & Eisner, LLP, we are actively working to reach a fair resolution for all types of civil cases. We’re committed to promotingthe rights of individuals. Our mission is to present a cost-effective, high quality, customized legal service to firms and families, andwe work hard to ensure that our clients get the justice they deserve. We handle many personal injury cases, including injuries caused by a dog bite.

Dog Bite Data

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals that around 4.5 million individuals are bitten by a dog annually and the greatest number of these dog bite victims are young children aged between 5 and 9 years. There are always many concerns when someone is bitten by a dog because of the high chances of acquiring rabies, an infection or psychological damage.

If you or one of your children have been a victim of a dog attack, our firm can discuss dog bite liability and determine if you are eligible for a damages claim.

What you should do after a dog bite:

  •  Get immediate medical treatment
  •  Check to see if the dog has had a rabies vaccination
  •  Take a photo of the dog
  •  Check to see if the dog has been known to attack before
  •  Write a report for the district animal control center and the police department
  •  Take photos of all injuries
  •  Take photos of the place where the attack occurred
  •  Record names and contact details of all witnesses

As this injury is unlikely to be your fault, you should contact a dog bite attorney that can assess your injuries and help you file a personal injury damages claim. At Steel & Eisner, LLP, we have won substantial compensation claims for victims of dog bites. It’s never easy to win a claim for a dog bite, as dog owners are very defensive when it comes to the behavior of their pets. You need an experienced attorney who knows and understands your rights and can ensure that a comprehensive claim package is presented to the dog owner.

Don’t hesitate to call our team of professional attorneys to help you.

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Why do dog bites occure?

There are some breeds of dogs that have a reputation for outwardly aggressive behavior and are often overly protective of their owners and home territories. However, any dog that is either disturbed by someone or is confronted with an unexpected event might act in an aggressive manner as a means of protecting themselves and their territory.

Generally it seems easy to prevent a dog attack—just don’t enter the property unless you have the required permission. Unfortunately, there are instances when dogs are illegally taken off their leashes and allowed to roam free. Attacks can take place in these situations and there is little a defenseless victim can do to prevent getting bit.

Contact a California Dog Bite Attorney

If you were bitten by a dog and it was not your fault, you must call on the services of an experienced dog bite lawyer. You’re legally entitled to file a claim for damages in the case of a dog bite. Occasionally, dog bite injuries are fatal, but often they cause debilitating injuries that require not only medical attention but time to recover from. Any victim of a personal injury may have to take time off work to recover and may need to depend on family for support. The financial burden of recovery is included in any claim for damages as there is no reason why you should be paying out of pocket for an injury that was not your fault.


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