Crucial phrases for your PI notes – a Lewkovich Inspiration

Proving the patient is hurt or improving is a DC’s “Achilles’ heel. Defense attorneys and doctors regularly hammer DC’s who failed to give good documentation.

Some Solutions

1. Patient using cold as directed.
Demonstrates that home care is working and monitored.
2. Neck too rigid to take bending x-ray views.
Explains delay in taking impt x-rays.
3. Neuro consult now warranted.
Shows referral based on established norms.
4. Permanent impairment anticipated.
Prepares the reviewer for rating.
5. 4/10 pain with 600 mg Ibuprofen.
Shows how pain level can be misleading.
6. Work not painful before accident.
Shows pre-injury functionality.
7. Insurance company hassling me.
Solidifies need for legal help for referral.

Dr. Gary Lewkovich, California’s genius PI guru offers 60 very Useful Phrases for your PI notes. Ask for a copy. You will absolutely love them.

Remember – now a day – you can plan on many eyes reviewing your case notes sooner or later.

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Great result in Merced. Doc of the Month – Jaimal Sangha, DC

Sweet Nina Beck, 75, was struck by defendant who ran a stop sign in foggy conditions. Defendant’s pick-up broadsided Beck’s vehicle -- pushing Beck some distance. Beck was taken by ambulance and hospitalized several days

Dr. Sangha took over care and diagnosed a L3 compression fracture, with a loss of vertebral height, and an L4, L5 protrusion.

Dr. Sangha managed Beck’s care by working with a local family practice MD, a DPM-podiatrist and a neurologist MD.

Under chiropractic care and solid medical management the case was resolved in Merced county for $215,000. Nick Lowe served as the Mediator. May 24, 2011. Beck vs. Alta Apiaries, Inc. Case No CV 001308,

Particularly important were Beck’s ADL’s. We were able to prove that Beck is a semi-professional pianist. Beck regularly played at weddings, birthdays and retirement homes. We asked her to give us recordings of her work and played it during the mediation.

For a soft tissue “only” case this is a very high result.
If you like your patient – so will the jury.
At 75 years---an active ‘senior’ made her case more compelling
The activities of Daily living [ADL] help lead to the extraordinary settlement.

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