Low back injuries---can they be proved?

Most physicians agree that rear-end collisions cause neck and upper back injuries. Even high speed video footage do now offer hard evidence of the biomechanics for low back injuries.

Dr. Gary Lewkovich suggests that insurance companies flag cases with low-speed collisions particularly without any neck complaints.

The best approach Dr. Lewkovich suggests is a preemptive strike --- not a counter attack.

Population based studies
Mediolegal report analysis
US Dept of Health Guidelines

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Big Win for Tough Case in San Francisco: Congrats to Dr. Sam Li

Only 14 years old, Romy was riding her skateboard across Mission Street. She was using the cross walk. Witness testified that the light was in Romy’s favor. Defendant claimed Romy was not paying attention and did now wear a helmet.

Romy suffered wrist sprain and a mild traumatic brain injury. Because she had no insurance, Romy delayed care.

The jury awarded $21,105. The medical evidence of injuries was presented by chiropractor Dr. Li. A tough case---still a 14 year kid is entitled to damages while skating in a cross walk without a helmet.

July 31, 2012 Youngquist v Pagaduan, case # CGC 10 502861. Judge Suzanne Bolanos.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

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