Auto Club Taking Advantage of your Patient –
with fast low settlement offers. Beware
Recently an Auto Club adjuster got a brand new accident patient to sign a Release. The patient was just discharged from the hospital, on pain meds and was in a wheelchair.

They met in a McDonald’s parking lot. The patient was diagnosed as a surgical candidate. The accident victim signed the papers without knowing he was settling his case. It appears that the “settlement” may be binding.


With your first new PI Patient encounter be sure to ask IF they signed anything from defendant’s insurance company.

Your patient should not even talk with the insurance company until they retain a pro-chiropractic attorney.

New ICD-10 Codes – 70,000 codes covers everything
  Struck by a duck W61.62
  Bizarre personal appearance R46.1
  Sucked into a jet engine. V97.33XS
  Burn due to water skis on fire V92.07XA


Seriously folks there is a bonanza for strong Trauma Codes that need reviewing.

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Smart diagnosis is key for fee reimbursement


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Auto Accidents only cause “Soft Tissue”
injuries Ploy

What is the best means to challenge the insulting insurance ploy?

Musculoskeletal injuries can be devastating. But the doctor has a moral and professional obligation to PROPERLY document the extent of the patient’s injuries using Trauma Codes to describe the patient’s often life changing event.

For example, few moderate to serious traumas result in low level diagnosis such as tension headaches, cervicalgia and lumbago. If these are accurate diagnosis – your patient will need only a couple weeks of care. Juries will not be sympathetic and give very low awards.

However, what about these so called "Soft Tissue" Issues:

  Muscle Tears
  Facet Syndromes
  Vascular Traumas
  Disc Herniations
  Nerve Impingement
  Traumatic Brain Injuries
  Spinal Cord Injuries

Healing often is very slow.
Healing is unpredictable.
Residuals can last years.
Increases arthritic changes.

Never allow an adjuster to diminish the injury to your patient. Don’t fall into the “Soft Tissue only” trap.

I tell adjusters I do not accept transient injuries. That my clients suffer long term life changing problems. Science does not support the fallacy that your patient was not really hurt.

For an excellent handout written by Master Gary Lewkovich DC email


Douglas Edward Watts – Folsom Suspended
by the State Bar

Because a DC wrote a complaint to the State Bar, Mr. Watts was investigated by the Bar and his license was suspended for 60 days.

His PI case settled for $15,000. He kept $5000 and gave the balance of $10,000 to the client. The DC sued Watts in Small Claims. Watts claimed in court that he did not settle the case, nor did he take a fee. He lied to the Court. The Court & DC reported the deceptions to the State Bar. The Bar imposed a 60-day suspension and 2 years’ probation. The Bar stated that he deprived the DC of his fees for more than 2 years and forced him to file a court action.

April 26, 2015