Do PI Attorneys Get Upset When You Bill and Collect Your Med-Pay?
If an attorney is upset when you collect your med-pay …. He may be doing you a favor. At least you know you are dealing with a PI Skunk.

Honorable PI Attorneys are not interested in seizing [taking] your med-pay. They know med-pay is payment for health care services; not for attorneys to slice off 1/3 for themselves.

If any PI attorney resist with you collecting med-pay they will probably not pay your bill when the case is concluded.

Avoid these skunks when they signal their bad intentions in advance. Fire them fast! 
What to Do When an MD Hurts Your PI Case?

If you referred your patient to the MD
  • Sometimes “your” MD makes a sloppy mistake. Wrong sex, wrong date of accident, poor diagnosis. Worse yet, the MD writes the patient doesn’t need more care!

  • SOLUTION: Call him or the clinic director. Generally, the clinic will apologize and correct the problem as they value your referrals.

  • If they don’t listen or solve the problem – you are “done” with them. Take them off the list and tell us.

IF your patient self-refers to a hostile MD

  • Naively the patient sees their GP or the health plan’s MD, without informing you first. Sometimes those MD’s are ignorant of chiropractic and they write hostile comments in their chart or report, even badmouth the DC to the patient.

  • SOLUTION: Talk about your patient’s options before they self-refer. Explain that some MD’s are trained not to appreciate collaborative medicine and are behind the times. Explain to your patient they have a choice to select “independent” MD’s for an honest 2nd opinion.

  • IF the patient did see a hostile MD you might try calling that MD first to explain your methodology. You would be surprised – some MD’s would appreciate the call and listen. 

vs. Your Med Pay
  • Dr. Paul of Carlsbad reports that USAA keep making demands for “more” documentation, then begin to delay and deny further payment. In one case Dr. Paul had to hire an attorney to get paid. That was costly.

  • We are opening a class Action vs USAA and we need your help. If you have issues with USAA, keep a file and let us know. At no cost to you, your office might be able to participate in a Mass Tort or Class Action to change USAA’s anti med-pay behavior.
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How is You Med Pay Collections working?
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1.     What percentage of your patients have med pay?

2.     Do you usually get paid when you send your first bill?

3.     Generally, do most auto insurance pay the fair amount?

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ACE Lit Tips
If you have questions, ask.

--If you are working with a good PI attorney there should be an open line of communication throughout the entire case…this includes post-settlement!

--If after you hear of a case’s resolution you have questions, ask.
One of the most common questions DCs have after a case settles is why did the case settle for that amount.

--This is a valid question.
After discussing the outcome of a case with the attorney, you may learn some valuable insights into the sometime-surprising factors that come into play at the end of cases.

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