Lewkovich Progress Assessment

Proving medical necessity is the buzz word that gets treatment paid. Too often DC’s fail to explain the benefits, needs and goals for continued chiro care. Without good records, it is easy to attack a DC’s bill. e.g. “Based upon the available records, medical necessity was not demonstrated.”

Don’t fall into to the insurance trap. Lewkovich, the Master, provides a unique multi-dimensional form. Not only is the Progress Assessment based on Pain Scale, also it asks ADL’s, which rehab exercises are working, changes in medications [if they were prescribed by an MD] and current pain levels are “sliced” along several dimensions in order to extract as much evidence of progress as possible.

For a copy of this new two page form contract johntawlian@shawnsteel.com

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Non Surgical Big Verdict in Bay Area: Tyler Tollstrup DC
Salvatore Santangelo, 39, contractor, was rear-ended on 880. His immediate complaints were to his back, neck, left shoulder and left biceps.

It was a double impact. The victim was pushed into the car ahead of him. Plaintiff received care from Dr. Tollstrup DC, Belmont and from CCA member Alireza Bagherian DC, San Francisco. Well managed, Tollstrup referred plaintiff to two orthopedic doctors and acupuncture.

The key diagnosis, which created the higher PI value, was a torn biceps tendon. Surgery was indicated.

Verdict: $148,813.

This award includes future pain and suffering, future loss of earnings and future medical care.

Plaintiff before trial demanded only $50,000. Defendant offered $38,250.

After trial plaintiff is demanding $40,132 for legal costs because of the trial and $41,606.92 in pre trial interest. If the judge grants both increases, the verdict could be $ 230,551.92.

Practice Tip: Smart chiropractors, who love PI, will always refer complicated injury cases to pro chiropractic MD’s.
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