New mischief with attorney-doctor liens

We collect bad to really bad PI liens --- rewritten by bad PI attorneys. We get the best from you.

Dr. JK just sent us this beauty.

The face page of the lien is the normal one. However, note the ‘fine print’ where the attorney types under his signature the following:

“Executed as modified by Exhibit ‘A’ attached hereto and made part hereof. “

On the second page the nightmare begins. Under the innocent looking Exhibit ‘A’ is the following language---that the lien holder may not receive any amount “to exceed one-third of any settlement,…“

That means, no matter what the case settles for the attorney will get his one-third, the patient gets one-third and you get what’s left over, sharing with all other health care providers the remaining one-third.

This lien means you should not even take this case. Run away from such attorneys, you may be working for free. Either fire the attorney or charge cash.

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What 5 Elements Trigger Fraud Audits?

The National Association of Chiropractic Attorneys met over the weekend in NYC. We spent many quality hours with litigation class action specialists planning major suits against the Blues and Aetna. We learned that insurance carriers use 5 basic steps to weed out, what they believe are, fraud cases.
  1. Billing -- high frequency use 97112 , 97124 , 98942, or 98941 with 98943

  2. Disgruntled patients who complain to the insurance company.

  3. Disgruntled former employees.

  4. Advertising things they won’t pay for…i.e. decompression, MUA or cold laser.

  5. Care rendered to family or employees.

Aetna is particularly guilty of slothful post payment audits. We heard evidence that Aetna ‘Special Investigation Unit’ managers regularly use careless tactics by ‘making’ up claims, which costs thousands and exacts great emotional turmoil to hard working doctors. Aetna demands absurd amounts of money for past “over” payments. Many of these claims are bogus. If you ever received one of these “routine” audit letters, hire a lawyer first. That move alone will save you countless hours and thousands of dollars.


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