Permanent Impairment How Useful
in PI Cases?

Doctors who were trained in Permanent Impairment with worker’s comp cases have a huge advantage.

Almost every PI case needs “added value" to increase settlement. Merely stating in your report that the patient suffered only a sprain/strain is no longer adequate.

Smart PI attorneys need more than bills to settle. Consider adding a whole new feature giving your report as to how the accident actually crippled your patient into a permanent condition. Permanent Impairment is a crucial part for Worker Comp cases.

It's time we bring Permanent Impairment into PI.

Permanent Impairment applies to all moderate to serious injuries.

Frankly, this is a vast area of expertise. We will discuss Permanent Impairment on April 26 at the once a year PI Advanced Seminar in LA.

But consider the basic three prove-ups for Permanent Impairment:

1. Patient Disability Questionnaire -- completed by patient at the end of care. E-mail for a copy.

2. Final Examination findings. Yes, we do final exams for all Moderate to serious PI cases.

3. MRI and other main stream tests that help support your rating.

With all three factors you can arrive at an intelligent rating from 1 to 20% whole body impairment based on the AMA's Permanent Impairment Guidelines, 6th Edition. We argue that each rating Point is worth a $1000.

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Bicycle PI Cases

More commuters use bicycles, sharing the narrow roads with distracted drivers and causing a huge increase in bicycle injuries.

In 2011 142 cyclists were killed in California. An astonishing 14,000 more were involved in collisions. In 2013, according to UC Berkeley's Transportation Injury Mapping System, 80 cyclists were killed in Southern California by November.

Over 25 verdicts since 2010 have resulted in over 1 million dollars. Even "mild" collisions can be devastating. The California roadway code requires that motorists must share the road. Cyclists have numerous rights. Many cities permit cyclists to use sidewalks and ride without helmets. Police often write erroneous reports citing cyclists.

Even jurors can be prejudiced, recalling an incident with a rebellious cyclist who flouted the law at stop signs and red lights.

Doctors should anticipate an increase in cyclist personal injury cases. Often times they are serious injuries--especially Traumatic Brain Concussions.


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