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    PI Email Alert - Dec. 1, 2016
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JD Power releases Top 5 Insurance Carriers: Do you agree?

New auto claims satisfaction survey based on a 1000-pointed scale. Generation Y less satisfied than other age groups. Gen X are happier. Pre-Boomers [born before 1946] are the most satisfied.
  1. Auto Owners Insurance
  2. Amica Mutual
  3. Auto Club of Southern California
  4. The Hartford
  5. Eric Insurance
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NEW Shawn Steel PI Survey:
Your PI Practice in 2017
A. Do you expect your PI practice to?
  1. Grow in 2017
  2. Stay about the same as 2016
  3. See a decline in 2017
B. Do you expect to enjoy PI Work?
  1. A lot more than 2016 - knowledge is power
  2. It will be ok, but not my number one
  3. It will be tougher and meaner
C. Do you expect to work and refer to MD's?
  1. As little as possible
  2. Sure, when no other choice
  3. Usually in major trauma or complicated cases

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Most Popular PI Chiropractic Forms for 2016

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  • Most important 47 trauma related diagnosis codes: 2-17-16
  • PI Home Exercise Forms by WebExercises: 3-1-16
  • Essential PI Prognosis Form: 3-23-16
  • Traffic Collision Reports checklist: 4-20-16
  • Fighting Back against Defense doctor exams chart: 5-12-16
  • Using the Neck Disability PI Index: 8-23-16
  • Best natural alternatives for PI Trauma vs medications: 9-8-16
  • What Insurance Reviewers look for in your reports: 9-28-16

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Big OC Chiropractic Verdict

51-year-old, Debbie Boyd was struck head-on by defendant who was making an illegal U turn. Although taken to the emergency room - her CT scans came back 'normal'.
Most of Debbie's injuries 'went away' in three weeks. Her neck and low back pain persisted. Later Kaiser diagnosed Debbie with lumbar radiculopathy. The MRI revealed L5/S1 disc bulge, right paracentral disc extrusion. Defense naturally claimed all were pre-existing. Her chiropractor helped but argued Debbie suffered from "chronic" lower back pain.
Plaintiff demanded $49,999.99 at trial. Defendant Farmers countered with only $15,000. Medical bills were $14,000. The jury awarded $111,955. Farmers had to pay additional court costs for a total $130,333.
Boyd vs Jacob: 30-2015-00773285. Orange County Superior Court, Judge Nathan Scott.

  1. Most patients involved in a serious collision over the age of 50 should get an MRI when experiencing serious complaints.
  2. To help reduce client's costs DC had the client go to Kaiser for expensive tests.
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