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How Bad Are Sacramento Drivers? Actually they are the Worst in America!

The insurance news site, Quote Wizard, states Sacramento has the worst drivers in the country out of 75 big cities in 2017.


California captures 5 for the top 10 worst driver cities in America.


The ratings are based on 4 criteria:


·     Accidents

·     Speeding tickets

·     DUIs

·     Citations (running a red light, using a cellphone while driving, etc.)


The Wizard writes:


Sacramento is the capital of California. They're also the capital of bad drivers. That's right, Sacramento: you've earned the dubious honor of being America's worst driving city. Sacramento finds itself in first due to the highest rate of traffic citations in the country. They're also close to the top for accidents and DUI's, at fourth. Yes, America's largest tree canopy lines Sacramento's streets, but the streets themselves are filled with dangerous drivers. Perhaps Sacramentans should consider commuting by boat on Sacramento's numerous waterways, ala Venice.



Helping Patients Get Justice with Judge Judy:

A How-To Primer

No lawyer wants a Minimal Car damage case. What are patients to do when they get hurt in a MIST (minor impact soft tissue) case?


PI Guru Gary Lewkovich, DC solves this riddle.


First, the Shawn Steel Rule. Always get paid CASH [unless there is nice med pay] for all MIST cases. You don’t need to risk your clinic’s time.


Second, Dr. Lewkovich urges, as we do, to strongly suggest to your patient to get reimbursed from Small Claims. Nowadays almost everyone learned from Judge Judy how that works.


Although not perfect we know from our experience that the patient wins over 80% of the time. Dr. Gary offers a one-page instruction sheet for your patient.


Covering questions such as:


·     What is it?

·     What are the limitations?

·     How do I file?

·     How does defendant get notified?

·     How much can you ask for?

·     What happens when I win?


Contact johntawlian@shawnsteel.com for your copy.

Don’t treat your close relatives on lien! Often Chiropractors offer to treat their family members after they’ve been in a car accident figuring they can do a great job for their relative and make some money on their PI case. However, the relationship will open you up to questions regarding a conflict of interest as well as raises serious issues regarding the reasonableness of your billing on their PI case if you haven’t billed them in the past. Ultimately, treating a close relative is a veritable minefield best sidestepped in favor of a friendly referral to a colleague.


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Scooters are the newest accident hazard

We are seeing an upsurge of serious accident victims who are riding scooters. The new Bird Scooter, which you can rent, gives riders a false sense of security. Too often scooters are moving too fast for car drivers to avoid. Often, scooters cut through the intersection and are not aware of their surroundings. The injuries clearly can be devastating.


Beverly Hills just passed a ban on “motorized” scooters in their city for 6 months. City officials noted a dramatic rise in recent weeks of scooter-share start-ups such as Bird and Lime. These scooters are popping up on sidewalks and street corners. Their riders are involved in multiple serious collisions. The start up company is now on notice that their motorized scooters can be very dangerous for their riders. Our firm is representing several scooter and hover-craft drivers currently.


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