Most auto policies offer “EXCESS” med pay and, for some, it's the only type of med pay they sell.

This is a devious way for the patients to ‘lose’ the right to get their medical bills paid.

Insurance companies hope neither the patient nor the doctor will go through the steps to make the EXCESS med pay work.

Here are the steps we recommend:

  1. Confirm your patient has EXCESS med pay—it’s clear in the policy.
  2. ID the patient’s health insurance carrier.
  3. Are you a “contracted” provider?
  4. If so, you will not likely get the EXCESS med pay to pay your bill except for the minimal co-pay.
  5. If not, the doctor is entitled to 100% of the EXCESS med pay that the health insurance carrier will not pay.
  6. Bill the health insurance carrier ASAP to get a written ‘denial’ letter that they will not pay.
  7. Send your bill to the EXCESS carrier and attach the health insurance carrier denial. Now you should get paid.

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